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The Panzer tracts 22-3 book wraps up the puzzle from an unususal story. The roadwheels from the prototype series have the small holes near the rubber rim. The production version from the company "Kronprins" have not. The spoke wheels are the last stop gap in the production when the contracted company could not deliver.
The diskwheels with 6 instead of 5 nuts, with the matching 13 pin sprocket in stead of the 15 teeth standard. and the special snow track are prom a prototype Versuchs Fahrgestell (Trail chassis) 2018. That also has a differnt idler. Than a diskshaped idler is also testes and used .

The series of pictures on the testtrack that recently emerged show a production vehicle, with a roadwheel that has the little holes near the rubber rim

The Dresden surviver has both the "standard" and the spoke wheel and the open idler.

The Auburn softskinned surviver must than be the test chassis nr 18 with the 13 wheel sprocket and snowchain.

In 2009 one wheel turned up and was sold as "an original camouflaged Panther Tank Road Wheel". The 32 inch wheel even had the original paint (as the owner and the add claim) and rubber. (the rubber brand is "Continental") This seems to be a wheel from the test stage...

Wheatcroft Chassis

Photo credits Mr. David Reay

This nice picture taken by Mr. David Reay gives a good view on the wheels, but also shows the alternative idler. It also has the early production and prototype roadwheels.(The little holes near the rubber rim).

That means that all wheel questions are solved, and most amazing all the variants, even the most exotic, have survived.....

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