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Number 2, Overloon, Holland

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The Liberty Park museum in Overloon, the Dutch national war and peace, remembrance museum, and home to many treasure, houses the light "Sandgelb" softskinned surviver today. It stil has the shipping labels from its trip over the Atlantic on it's nose. Together with a nice dent. It's on a temporary stay in the collection. It's going to get the thorough restoration that it deserves. It's a "Versuchsfahrzeug"(Test vehicle). It has different tracks than normal. Fahrgestellnumber is 2018, built by Büssing-Nag

It's life after German service so far.
According to the French "Magazine 39/45", both chassis were discovered in a gravelyard in France. They carried huge machinery used for the gravel production. The article showed the beginning of their restoration.
The Arlon museum made replica bodies for them. (Many thanks to André Flener and Bob Graebe!)

The Arlon period.

Chassis strip


Front axle

Photo:André Flener

The Auburn museum. Most of the Arlon collection was sold to the Auburn museum.

A good look at the bare dash (© Andrew Albrecht 2007)

Bulkhead in the Cab (© Eric Peytavin de Garam 2009 SMHB )

Under the dash (© Eric Peytavin de Garam 2009 SMHB )

Exhaust and around (© Eric Peytavin de Garam 2009 SMHB )

See the Overloon December 2011 page for the current state and a lot of details.

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