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Number 1, Dresden

Also check out the website Fahrzeuge der Wehrmacht .

A very polite and remarkably open minded letter from the curator solved a few questions:
The sWS in our collection has the 100hp Maybach HL 42 engine.
2. The artillery body with the seats and storage bins for ammunition are a reconstruction from the early 70's when the vehicle and chassis was restored. The museum's workers lacked specific knowledge of the German halftrack movers, and recreated a body in the style of the "mittleren Zugkraftwagen" 5t(Sd.Kfz.6) and 8t (Sd.Kfz.7).
The schwere Wehrmacht Schlepper was upto the addition to the than Army museum of the DDR used in a state forestry company in the region "Luckenwalde" for hauling and pulling heavy logs.
The simplified track spokewheels are originals from the 2nd world war.

Now that's information! Many thanks! Turns out this museum is as friendly and straight forward in all its things. Visit it if you can.
The dash is almost bare and the plate above the frontwheels must be post war. But it is by it's history the most interresting survivor, and the single one that has any original bodywork.

Fahrgestellnumber 150362, built in 1944 by Büssing-Nag.


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Pictures from my visit in August 2009. Not only the front of the body is original, but also the spoke wheels. Even more interesting one inner pair of the track wheels is made up of a normal and a spoke wheel.

All kind of nice details on it. The engine compartment opens in an original way. Simple sturdy construction, as all on this magnificent vehicle. The engine hasn't run in quite a while but is original and the vehicle is stored in the best possible conditions.

(Click the picture for a small walkaround and some additional info)

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