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This started when I noticed a slight difference in the sofskinned sWS. Most noticable the vents in the bonnet, being tappered on some. Than a keen observer by the name of "Falk" sugested that the taperd ones could be a prototype or pre production version. Now he's only one "E" short of "Falke"(German for Hawk) so that may explain his keen eye. Next the Panzer tracts 22-3 issue solves the ridle. It even has excelent drawings of them (of all versions actually).

Differences from the production:
  • Small holes in the roadwheels)

  • bumper is more elaborate, with a sloaping end.

  • Bonnet differs with airslits that get shorter front to rear.

  • Exhaust is higher and less pointing les backwards.

  • Larger gab between cabin and cargobed.

  • Cargobed is higher up

  • Guard on the rear of the chassis for the winchcable.

  • Only a Notek blackout for lighting

  • sideways contour lights.

  • In the top picture the area of the vents has been edited to reveal more detail. The vents are the prototype ones. The lower picture has been edited back than. The background has been cut out.

    Several of these pictures reportedly are in the book "Kriegsgeschichte 12 SS-Panzerdivision" by a Mr. Meyer. More and better pictures are in the Panzer tracts 22-3 issue.

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