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LionroarGreatwall Hobby 1:35 scale sWS "UHU" Kit No. L3511

On Armorama.com, in the November 2009 Model Military International, and by John Pózak this nice model is reviewed. Some highlights:

Molding is good. Chassis is molded in one piece. Tool lockers open separatly. Louvers in the side of the engine compartment are open. It includes two styles of front wheel rims and hubs with subtle differences in the details such as rim bulge and number of lightening holes. Two sizes of drive sprocket (the initial large and later smaller diameter sprocket) two styles of idler wheels, spoke and solid disc road wheels. Take care assembling the torsion-rod covers in Step 1. Position them as shown on the diagrams or you will have problems later on. The lower half (Part A12) has a small notch on one end.

Comment from John Osselaar (September 2010):
I bought it and have my doubts about the technical reality. It's imposible for the searchlight operator to sit down, unless he is a dwarf. His head and upper body won't fit inside the cabin. The generator for the searchlight is not included. I have bought the Blast Models-kit for the 251/20 UHU and the generator is huge. It wil stick out above the cabine. If you want to make an operational vehicle you must make some huge adjustments. It wil probably result in a ‘cabrio-version’.
(Thanks John, technical reality is my angle too.)

From the Armorama site

From an article by John Pózak

Though impressive to see, it's science fiction, it never existed. Thank God for that. Imagine what a good supply of this kind of vehicles and equipment would have been able to do for the 3th reich. The idea is real. It might have been reallity. Than, the placing of the light up front seems not logical. It would be easily damaged and its light blocked by bushes. As this equipment was very expensive and sparse I doubt there would be two lights one vehicle. As this vehicle would be intended to light a battlefield, it would preferably be placed on higher ground, or at least in the background, not direct with infantry. One small calibre bullit would have put the huge 80 cm searchlight out. The lights for personal support on this vehicle do not feel logical to me.

The drawings that come with it are most impressive.

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