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August 2009 in Dresden

The breathtaking collection of the National Army Museum in Dresden is home to many treasures. I was kindly allowed to enter the immense storage where almost all vehicles wait for the opening of the renovated museum in 2012. From what I've seen in the Berlin Technik Museum and the prestigious building site this is a must see when it opens for the public! The fast collection of vehicles is not going to be all in it though. Only the die-hard enthusiasts would be interested in ALL Soviet battle tanks, to name one staggering row of items.

The sWS will stay in this state, I was pleased to hear. The brave 1970's construction of it's rear body has been in the museum for many decades. A wise decision not to try and wipe out 40 years of this unbelievable unique vehicle's history, with a new reconstruction. The rest is wonderfully original.

Radiator - fender detail Backside chassis Torsionbold connction between track wheels Frontwheel right Front suspention Frontwheelright inside Front underside radiator
Detail right sprocket Center late sprocket Idler A pair made of an standard and a late sprocket Dashboard from right Dashboard detail Cabine floor
Hood from the cabin Bonnet side closed Bonnet opened Into the enginebay Hooddetails inside Radiatordetail Firewall

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