Pictures 1 and 2 come from the book "39/45 magazine of April 1988 nr 4, Hors serie on Normandie". On the road from Flers to Vimoutiers the remains of several vehicles (2 MB Mules, a Ford Mule and some normal trucks). These DB L4500R Mules are burned out so far as only the chassis and wheels remain. Probably wooden "Einheitsführerhaus" caught by an aircraft. Unfortunatly the fotocapture says:2 Wespe's.

Pictures 3 and 4 where e-mailed to me. It could even be the same location. The information is supposedly coming from a US intelligence report mentioning 4 vehicles. That would fit! Who knows the exact facts?

The fifth picture I found a few years ago (but where.....). Probably a wooden Einheitsfahrerhaus.

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