About this site

You could call this a fan-site. But only of the vehicle and the people that build it, not the nazi regime. Let that be clear. People often think a war is won with tanks and soldiers. Logistics and transport is the key. These bulky 5 ton trucks being equiped with outdated running gear where one of many desperate measures to keep things moving.

I don't believe in owning information, only in sharing it. I've put together everything I have and have found on it. I can assure you, that is a lot of work. I think it's worth it. While going through these pictures, puzzling things together, you find all kind of structures. Building models is the ultimate goal. Building something from a few pictures only is dangerous. I have to assume several things. They have to be as logical as possible. Comparing everything is the only way. The outcome of all that I gladly share with the rest of the world.

There's only one catch. On some pictures and drawings I don't have the source. I'm a modeler by origin. I started out in 1975 photocoping everything I could get my hands on. Information was hard to get, and 2nd hand at best. With the internet that changed. But in the early days websites vanished as easy as they where found. Good information often not to be found again. I often saved copies of things I knew I was going to need one day. But where did it come from?

This is not an attempt to simple copy other people's work or violate rights, I gladly quote and link to the owners of the material, or will remove material if the owner insists.

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