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Zis 42 Artillery tractor




A Russian maultier
It was intended to be build straight from the box. Best thing to do on the clubnights. No big research, no PE or scratch, just glue and a kit. I should have stayed with a Tamiya kit.... It's a beginners nightmare. Crude extrution, bad fitting, lot's of missing detail and non logic in this kit. And I liked the little ugly truck at first site. Little? It's a formidable contraption! As allways it turned into a project of research and pionieering several things. The snow tracks being the biggest challenge. But the law of Shepard Paigne (It must be in its normal habitat) applies.

It was on the 2106 SMC but only Eric Reist caught them on camera.





Build history

October 1

Base coat is a deep green from Tamiya. On the outer parts a lighter dull green. A pre-shade on the tarp and a woodlike tone on the cargobed and cab, a greener on the metal parts. Shadows with Adam Wilders "deep shading" and lumps of cork and other stuff in oil paint. That stood out too much, so I gently tried to soften it with some acryl white. It was in the SMC2016 contest, where I got some tips for better snow and the actual thing from Jo Hendriks. (Many thanks guys!).

September 25

The invitation from the Breda chapter of Twenot gave me a couple of hours on the "Modelbouwdagen" in Gorichem the 24th and Sunday evening the first snowtracks are on a wheel. The rope on the cargo bed finnishes the rear.

September 6

Not much happend in the mean time. No pictures taken also. The running gear didn't fit, almost all connecting axles where to short, wrong diameter. The axles didn't fit the running gear. The cabin steps turned out way to long. (Not funny when the whole thing is ready) The extra tank under the cargobay has a fill-pipe through the fender and through one support! Hooks on the rear chassis are missing. (In full view). And the skies for the frontwheels remotely resemble the original. By the law's though of Shepard Paign, it has to be on skies.

May 23

Ok, it's closed, and I put some fake wood lines on the cab outside. so let's do some building!

May 17

The interiour is hardly visable, so a little drybrushing is al that's neaded. I did add some door handles though.

May 16

First thing that was obvious: what a massive amount of extruder pins and flash. Well ok, filler it wil be.


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