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Yoshi Buddha




Retired Yoshi
Thingyverse is a breathtaking collection of almost anything printable. Just by chance this one poped up. It's probably a 3 d scanned buddha with a Yoshi head on it. It has 5 fingers, uppost to comic characters only having 4, but I followed the artists design. acrylic paints with a wash and some drybrushing, and a nice shiny varnish.





Build history

A Yoshi Buddha. Simply found on Thingiverse. And I have some 50 off these wonderfull Yoshi figures. I must add this one to my collection!

April 17 2023


Comparing the original: It's cheeks must be white. The base is a woodish colour.The kimono is blendend in a greenish gray to bridge the colour from the base to the bright green of Yoshi.


March 22 2023


It prints really nicely smooth. Almost no cleanig, so, lets get some paint on. The original Yoshi is very round and smooth, so how to combine the more nuanced monk gown and the wooden stand? First thing: I'm going to paint his eyes as if the are halfway opened.



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