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Resin Scammel tanktransporter




35th Scammel tanktransporter

Original: 469 Pioneer TRCU20 and TRCU30 we're produced. In 1937 it was developed from the artillery version with a longer wheelbase. By 1941 the Diamond M20 was the succesor. The trailer being to high for many bridges in England.

Model: Accurate armour is known for just that. The masters for this 1990's resin kit where really from a master. The sagged wheels, the seamless fit of the wheel sets under the 5th wheel. Amazingly correct and breathtaking precisly engineered.

Build: November 28 2020 to January 17 2021. with an engine normaly protruding under it, it was gutted with the bonnet and engine missing. Let's ttry and copy it in 3d.





Build history

January 16 2021


First coat of paint to see if all blends in.


January 15 2021


On to the airfilter. The white part is 3d printed again. bridge classification sign and a rim for the bonnet added.


December 28 2020


All is in the right color now, test pictures of what is visable. First fit of the bonnet. Windows installed.


December 27 2020


The 3d printed block is sanded and a lot of details added. With the bonnet sides added only a hint of the engine is visable, so it only has to be almost correct. The exhaust is a piece of copper wire.


November 28 2020


The delights of 3d development. You take your vernier caliper, place a block, strech it to your measurement and print it. The printing lines of a filament printer usually need to be sanded of anyway. The rounded edges where made that way too. The blue sheet of paper was pushed against the PE original, cut out, and "dipped" into cyanoacrylat glue.


November 28 2020


An inventory of the vehicle with all critical missing parts, lended from an unbuild kit. Engine, bonnet and airfilter being the most difficult.



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