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January 7 2024


A nice finish of 2023 and a good start of 2024. The Marder II project of Arie's legacy is finished. So is the door repair of Mark's Ambulance and the checkered band on the Guust Taxi.

The Horch Kfz.21 got it's own page. The Citroën Type 45 got a breaktrough and a friend. The vintage resin M38 Landsverk got an overhaul and a first coat of paint. And these darned M113's that's the biggest time consuming project ever.



October 10 2023


Stil much more to add in the gallery. All completd projects added to the gallery. The 35th scale Morris CS8 and the 35th scale Polish C7P tractor CS8 got their final pictures added. The burned 251/6/D got finished. Two old Italeri CMP's got a makeover with some Indonesian mud. The Einheitsdiesel radio truck got finished. Yoshi Buddha got finnished.



October 1 2023


Only little time to build or update the gallery. Not even much pictures of what I've been upto. The 251/8/C Ambulance got started.



July 27 2023


It's our holiday and I took some projects with me and a plan to update the build reports. The Bilstein Büssing got a mayor step in construction. The burned 251/6/D got started The 1986 Eindhoven city bus got finished. A radiobox Einheitsdiesel, a shelfqueen of more than 20 years, got a big step. The early Dutch M113 C/V's got the water holes constructed and the first step sanded.



April 27 2023


It's a choise: building or keeping my build reports up to date. And I've been building a lot, so that means a week of reports! The recycled Kübelwagen got back on the bridge as a transport for 2 tankers that leave Arnhem. Together with the burned Blitz they man the bridge. Now I only need a burned 251.

The Polish weekend in Historama kept me quitte busy to get more vehicles in the exposition. A tiny 72th scale C4P 1939 halftruck tractor, A 35th scale Morris CS8 and a Humber FWD joined the club.

Piet Pierot's magnificent Sherman V/c with the marks of the Polish 1st army was a welcomed addition.

In between the Verlinden Blitz diorama and the burned Mercedes diorama got fixed. And another Stok collection member, the Stalinetz S2 tractor was repaired. I 3d printed a Buddha Yoshi, picked up a 1986 Eindhoven city bus and finished a Giraf sculpture

And, I got involved in a project making an eskadron of 6 early Dutch M113 C/V's

Where did I find the time!



December 18 2022


The Bilstein Büssing has it's crane. The DAF M39 got a new hull. The 2015 dio of a Laundry Ford got into the gallery. And a new burned Blitz sneaked it's way on my build plate. I have to keep my galleries up to date.... And on to the building!



October 30 2022


Well, I finished some things without them reaching this build log, an Austin taxi, a burned kubel and a GAZ AAA.
Some things got started during the last year, like a new quest to get a DAF M39 build, and a Citroën Type 45 from another Twenot challenge.
The Bilstein Büssing has reached it's crane build. The Type 61 got a nice step up. The Hudson Umbauwagen got it's nose done.
An old modell, the Forgotten warrior got it's rightfull place in my gallery. And the update took me 8 days working through some 300 pictures. As always: building or updating, that's the question.



November 22 2021


The Gaz M1 and the Umbau-wagen got some attention. The Dodge D15A got finished, and so got a 87th scale Fordson tractor, a 100th scale 3d printed jeep and a 87th scale 3d printed VW bug that sneaked into this list without getting to be on it. A new project started, also a 87th scale removal van beged me to get asylum. Ah, what the hack, come in!



July 28 2021


The Famo's are ready! So are the 72th scale Citröen Type 23 the Blitz trailer and Lufzic and a Demag with flak in the collection gallery. And a little progress in the Bilstein Büssing



July 7 2021


One down. 17 to go! The 2nd Phaenomen ambulance made it to the repaired / collected gallery.

The 87th Goli is finished. The Famo's are getting a roof. A lot of other projects added and almost ready: a 72th scale Citröen Type 23. The Arnhem tram got finished. In the next weeks a couple of projects wil meet the airbrush for a last layor.



June 27 2021


Now that can't be right? 2 rows of pictures. 18 ongoing projects! And almost a year since the last update. I should finish my projects before starting new ones! I split my gallery into my own projects and repaired / collected ones. Repairing the old models took up more time than I thought.

The armoured 12 tonner Lufzic got some paint. The Famo's are getting a roof. A lot of other projects added and almost ready: a 72th scale Citröen Type 23. The Arnhem tram got finished. In the next weeks a couple of projects wil meet the airbrush for a last layor. Updating my galleries was a time consuming enterprise. 220 pictures added!



August 20 2020


Only the armoured 12 tonner is a new project, the rest is just updated with the progress pictures I made in the past 10 months. The Famo's are nearly done. Yes really.



August 3 2020


Man! First update in almost 10 months. The Granit Vacu got its own page, because there was a resin one finished. From this "in progress" list, the 251/A, and the 1.5 ton Blitz are done, and ELEVEN other projects finished. Several running projects got some work done, but that's for later. I'm happy I got the finished projects documented!



October 17 2019


The KM11 from the twenot forum contest got added to the "current projects", and so was the Mercedes 1500S LLG. The 251/A, and the 1.5 ton Blitz got paint. The Famo's got some work done on the boom and the gearhouse, and got paint.



October 4 2019


A lot has happened since June. A tiny 251/A and a small looking 1.5 ton Blitz are ready to get the base coat of paint. The generator trailer got finished. Katy is finished! The Famo's got a small step further. The Arnhem tram turns out to be 160th scale in stead of 58th, and finnaly got a lot of steps in the log.



June 19 2019


The 160th scale Impala is ready, together with some new started projects. The K2Y got some attention uptil the start of this year. Together with the rest of the projects it got on hold for the Famo's to be ready for Militracks. But that didn't happen. Several new projects started, soon in this gallery.



December 23 2018


The Austin K2Y Ambulance has it's red crosses. Several other small paint things on the generator trailer and the impala, but nothing worth the trouble of taking pictures. The Famo's got a lot of details and I found some time to get my build log of it up to date.



September 28 2018


The Austin K2Y Ambulance got his first layers of paint. So did the generator trailer.



September 3 2018


It's not that nothing happend, on the contrary. The Famo's got a lot of details, but have been shelved after Militracks in May. The generator trailer got the last details and a first coat of paint. More important: the Austin K2Y Ambulance is almost finished! Little time I had was put in really building, not in digital. The progress in the Famo's will be up next.



December 31 2017


The AHN and the CMP Quad wrecker are ready.



December 11 2017


Little progres on the AHN. Added tie down and spray painted the cargo bay. The Quad wrecker got it's crane and a spraypaint job. Just some lettering and touch ups and it's done. An old project is the next simple project: a 1930 Mercedes 770.



November 3 2017


Little progres on the AHN. Getting it ready for SMC 2017 didn't work out. While I took the masking fluid of the windows I pressed in half the windows and had to open it again. And the damage to my paintwork took a while to repair.



October 18 2017


The AHN is ment to be ready for the SMC2017.



October 1 2017


A little progress in the AHN cab. The cab interiour got painted last month. And there is room to get modelling and updating!



August 28 2017


The AHN took a mayor step. The cab interiour is ready for paint. And Paint it Black is finished except for a few little additions.



July 14 2017


The Matchbox sd.Kfz.251 / B / 1 is finished. It developed a side step. A Hanomag 3 ton sd.Kfz.11. Also the 100th scale Opel Blitz got finished. Another sidestep: a 6th scale Dutch helmet. And an old project revived and nearing the finish: Paint it Black and I picked up a very crude 57th scale Arnhem tram.



April 30 2017


Another new project, a Matchbox sd.Kfz.251 / B / 1 and a step in the Famo crane the crane body is complete. Now I'll have to wait to solve some puzzles.



February 12 2017


A nice step with the famo wreckers. Biggest part of the undercarriage solved and build, plus some details.



January 7 2017


The famo's only got a little attention over the last months. The Renault got it's details in the cabin back solved.





I started this log in March to keep all my notes together and to motivate me to build. It's for myself, but you're free to read whatever you like.

I solved the Renault AHN wheels puzzle. Finnished the Zis 42 and re-started the Famo wreckers. My own gallery got started. The gallery of Piet Pierot and Barry Pulles where made. The 100th scale Opel Blitz and the famo trans, got finised and the Generatoranhaenger started.


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