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Morris CS8




Morris CS8

Original: A pre-war British design 4x2 runabout vehicle for the English army. Supperceded by other vehicles but used all over the war

Model: 35th scale, 1993 Lead sled metal and resin modell

Build: March 18 2023 - April 15 2023. The celebration of the Polish weekend April 15-16 needed as much vehicles as posible. One of the re-enactos is restoring a CS8!





Build history

April 15 2023


The paint is not completly dry when I bring it to Historama Saterday morning for the Polish weekend. The colours are painted bij hand, and the famous Ulanen feathers from the 1st Polish armoured division are decals.


April 10 2023


Stricktly speaknig it is ready on April 10, and in the evening the airbrush wipes out all colour differences and just the extreme weight of this modell tells the tale of it's material.


March 18 2023


A magnificent kit. The parts almost fall into place. The steering arm and the front fenders are the first parts to need some help..



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