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MB L4500 Zvesda




35th scale MB L4500 Zvesda

Original: The succesfull 4x2 DB L4500 was in production from 1939 on. The DB 4500 A 4x4 was produced from 1941 onwards. It was appointed neccesary in the Schell program.

Model: The 35th Zvesda modell is a long serving wel detailed kit. There is a pe-set for it.

Build: April 16 to June 29 2020. When visiting Jan van Veen's attic this huge beast was in parts in a box. Almost finished by Jan, begging me to taking it with me.





Build history

June 29 2020


Masking tape peeled of, wheels, exhaust and other details painted with acryl and a wash of oilpaint to bring out the details and get some life in it. I added a blank licence plate on the bumper to cover the sanding scratches.


June 24 2020


All fittings added, and the first test layer of paint reveal only a small amount of flaws. A big proud Mercedes truck almost done.


April 19 2020


The slik smooth lines start to appear. Test fit of the cab and the combined bonnet are reasonable, but reveal a gap between the bonnet and cab.


April 16 2020


With the drawing I trace all building steps to check this mighthy truck. Little things like a missed extruder ring or rim I take care of. Jan's 90% build has one problem that has to be taken care of. The cabin roof and doors do not align smoothly. As that is what defines this truck, I leave the planned course of the drawing. The inside of the cab is painted and closed. The outside firmly filled with putty and sanded smooth. Even the bonnet sides need some work.



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