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a Matchbox Challenge




76th scale sd.Kfz.251/B/1 and Sd.Kfz 11
The July 1 2017 Matchbox challenge of our Twenot chapter of Breda. Anything can go in the contest that's "Matchbox". 2 days before the challenge my 2 two Hanomag contestents where ready.





Build history

June 24


All markings and details painted, and a layer of dust. Vehicles ready! (The basecoat of grey turned out to be too dark and to even. After filling al detail with black, drybrushingh al top surfaces and high lighting the edges with acrylics, they get back to a realistic lively finish.)

June 5


A big step for me! My first ever sd.Kfz. 251 in 76th scale is ready for paint.

June 4


How do I get these stif plastic tracks to sag! Well, after a lot of clamps that did not fit, the blue-tac solved that. A drip of instant glue and there in position.

May 28


First coat of grey for the vehicles and the baseplates.

May 14


Ah! The 251's unarmoured brother comes to visit. An incomplete kit that got burried with a 1980 Schmidt vacu and a tamiya 251 undercarrige for dimensions. It's to nice a vehicle to let it lie around. Lets finish that one too!

April 30


Ok, that wasn't that difficult. It's a challenge not to detail if you have the information of every single bolt and hole. It only looks very crude on a picture blowing it up 10 times it's actual scale.

April 13


The Breda chapter of Twenot came up with a hilarious challenge. For their contest in July everything you can enter must be a "Matchbox" kit. Well, that narrows it down. I found a yellow box on a modellers meeting for a small price and was amazed by the fitting of this 1976 toy. Only problem with an open roofed vehicle, there is hardly any detail. Now I have so much detail on it that I have to add it. But it is so tiny!


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