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M5 High Speed Tractor




35th scale scratch build High Speed

Original: These rugged artillery tractors where based on the M3 / M5 light tank components of the American tank program

Model: The bottom and running gear of a Tamiya M5 light tank are the base, the rest is scratchbuild

Build: In January 2020 we visited twenot's honorary member Jan van Veen. This 80's monumental work was one of the models that went home with me. I replaced a couple of handels and the chair and gave it a fitting color. It's not exactly correct, but it's to special not to rescue it. Jan's hard work, some minor ommisions swept under the carpet. May 2020 it's ready.





Build history

April 8 September

Basecoat green to check for traces of the glue and scratches. 1st layor of olive drab.


April 2020 I replaced a couple of handles, some rivets, filled some seams and sanded away scratches and glue rings. Over the years it lost its chair and windscreen. A fitting chair came from my spare box.


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