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Armoured sd.Kfz.8 "Lufcik"




35th scale 12 ton DB10 tractor
Original: Believed to be a one off prototype for a fully armoured Luftwaffe tractor. Lufzic was unearthed in Poland and restorted to driving conditions.

Model: Trumpeter's splendid 2011 release in 35th scale.

Build: August 5 2020 to July 22 2021. Finishing other can become a habit. Hans did a splendid job on the paint as always. Tracks where sprayed by me. All details and damage repair blended in with acrylics. A wash with oil and a very light drybrush coat. The dust on the lower half took another 2 months. There was actual dust on it by that time. To many projects!





Build history

May 10 2021


The check pictures of the moment with a lot of little details painted and a wash with oil paint on the inside applied. I've decided to leave the hull "clicked on" not glued.


April 5 2021


It finally got it's tracks sprayed, the rubber blocks painted and the whole of the tracks weathered with a wash. All lose parts added.


August 13 2020


The cabinets got filled and coloured. The camera catches the slightly pinker shade of the paint. It's almost invisable in real life, and it wil blend in when it's ready.


August 12 2020


The down part of this kit: the cabinets in the crew compartment have seams that don't exist in the real thing. The rods in the beam that connects the steering systen broke twice, so I drilled a 0.5 mm copper wire into it. The sprocket has it's teeth in the middle of the rubberpads, but the must be at the foremost side. Both sides, so your sprockets are different both sides! And one of the tow pintles was missing, so I made one from sprue and plate.


August 10 2020


This is what it looks like with the tracks test fitted and the chassis and lower part of the body checked.


August 5 2020


Starting point is the crisp airbrushed build in 3 mayor buildgroups. The upper and lower body and the chassis. The chassis even has a wash with oilpaint. Almost ready! Wel, think again before you accept a challenge like this.



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