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LRDG Chevy




LRDG Chevy with a front window.

Original: While building the 3 ton Chevrolet on the basis of the LRDG Chevy, it's standard Tamiya brother got a make over. After testing the 1939 Chevy in the desert, the LRDG group got new Chevy's. The (now) famous 1941 "stovebolt" came from canada with the big windscreen.

Model: 35th scale Tamiya LRDG chevy with a dodge window and some extra cargo pieces.

Build: April 2009 - september 2013

Paint: Basecoat airbrushed with Tamiya Acryl. Details with acryl and a spray of dust.





Build history




An almost ready LRDG chevy that had been standing in my build collection forever got a makeover because of the other 2 Chevy's being build.


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