Kraus-Maffei KM11 sdKfz. 7 and 7/2

I had a sdKfz. 7/1 since forever on my shelf. The Twenot challenge made me go through my possible options for building an old kit. A KM11 in the basic form, the sdKfz. 7 artillery prime mover seemed posible, and an armoured 7/2 with the 3.7 anti aircraft gun apealled to me. after this is finished, I have a trumpeter wooden bodied final version to make. (Yes I compaired the details on these vintage Tamiya workhorses and that one.)

December 2019


The last pictures show my progress upto the start of december. The Challenge ended on March 8, the last fair of 2020 in the museum in Overloon. By than I got the fenders and the 8 tracks finnished. I started on the 8 drive sprockets. After that it would have gone fast, but other things came up. I'm going to split the build over the 3 different subjects: An armoured 7/2 the 2 KM11 sd.Kfz.7's and the Breda tipo 61.


November 2019


In November I finally give up on the sheets of aluminium foil. I clean the plastic again and I put lead foil from a wine bottle in it.


October 16 2019


The first of the sets nylon tracks got their 6x47 holes. Each hole takes a couple of passages with a 0.8mm dril. 282 holes in each track. First test paint on the dented fender. (See the whole story on the Twenot Forum )


September 22 2019


The basic kit is very basic. Here is the parts that I can use and the sprocket cleaned. The biggest challenge is the track. I decided to make a set of them. One with a dented structure. First obstacle: how to make a 2 mm thick fender seem wrinkeld. (See the whole story on the Twenot Forum )


September 16 2019


First test if it can we done. This kit is from 1972. Basicaly that would mean a lot of sanding and adding some detail.


September 1 2019


A challenge of the Twenot, the Dutch Military modelling club. Take an old kit and fix it's shortcommings. No PE, no update sets, just low budget and skills. And I choose before I got the whole picture...(See the whole story on the Twenot Forum ).



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