Phaenomen Granit 25H

The Phaenomen factory has a long record of air cooled vehicles starting in the 1920's. After the German Postal service the got a big order for an ambulance on their old fasioned chassis from the Wehrmacht. The Phaenomen Granit 25 is standarized as 25H (Heer, meaning army) and becomes the most numerous "Kfz. 31 Ambulance" from 1937 til 1945. In 1940 the Schell program apoints the 4x2 and 4x4 1500 succesor as the standard. Production of the 25H is from 1937 til 1939

October 17 2019


A vintage vacu from the legendary shop of Ron Perry (Haarlem). Biggest problem: the wheels.




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