Gaz M1 car

A nice straight from the box build for the holiday.

November 20 2021


We've got all the time in the world, is what this kit is trying to say to me. Interiour and firewal details added. In the interiour I've started playing with different shades of creme and grey.


September 6 2020


"My simple kit for holiday" is going slow. Many other projects, hardly any holidays. Bench in the rear installed and the rear part of the body fixed to the base. Rear windows installed. Magnificently detailed kit that you turn in a very detaild replica by adding some elbow grease.


August 14 2019


The inside has some extruder pins to fix. Bye now the engine is complete but the need to have a simple kit for holiday is over, for now.


July 26 2019


A lot of parts, a wealth in details! This kit screames for a diorama. Revealing all these amazing construction that wil be consealed under the bonnet and on the underside.


July 23 2019


I had a couple of kit's with me, but I got through the steps that I can do on holiday. So I was happy with anything I could find. That turned out to be a Gaz M1 from Zvesda.



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