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Famo trans




A Famo with a different load.
A 35th scale Famo with on it's sd.Ah.116 a load of jerrycans and 3 slightly converted crew members.

Fellow Twenot member Henk Pijper is notorious for his collection of "almost" ready vehicles. (some 90 projects at the time I'm writing this) It's a problem that many modelers have. They're good at a couple of things, not at all things necessary to get the project they have in their head into a finished one. Twenot challenged us to help him (and others) finish some of them. Famo's always appeal to me and I'm a person to help and to do things for the common good, so I said "yes" a little to fast. The result is nice, but unfortunately I had to give it back to Henk.

The idea was to break up the big flawless Tamiya parts with a worn paint look. What better than an Africa Korps look. The project grew into a logistic role because an empty sd.Ah.116 looks rather naked and I had no tank to put on it. So by a quick calculation 4 high stacked gasoline canisters weigh roughly 20 ton. Ah, I need to tie them down. Ok, a lot of rope to be fixed! I'm not a diorama builder so that would be it, but without crew.... So I ended up changing the standard Tamiya crew members with goggles and a scarf against the dust.

(Last four pictures Copyright Robert Crombeeke / Scale Model Factory)





Build history

Februari 2016


Finnaly the base colour of the crewmembers and the canvas get's it's colour. Only the uniformdatails and the dust to go.



Januari 2016


I'm pleased with the result of the the finishing touch for the paint. The workshop with Adam Wilder tought me a few tricks.


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