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1990 Resin Einheitsdiesel




35th scale

Original: The expensive, luxourus pre war standard 1,5 ton terrain truck development was so sturdy that the surviving trucks were used for decades after the war as snow plows and other auxilery rols. The reliable diesel engine started almost allways without a blink.

Model: 35th scale, 1990's ADV-Azimuth

Build: Somewhere 1990-2000, I started this build and got stuck on a challenging build and not enough knowledge. April to august 2023 it swiftly gets a new start. The aim is the truck, so I closed all doors and made it look "on the move".





Build history

August 4 2023


First two steps with the airbrush.


June 25 2023


All gaps filled, all panel details repaired. After comparing a lot of pictures all outside fittings are installed. Steps, tools, roofrack and boxes, all that's logical on this early war truck. Ready for the airbrush.


May 23 2023


Ok, our crew is al set up for the move. Some green for colour and several shades of grey for the boxes and other lugage. Time to close the radioroom.


May 18 2023


The glue between the driveline parts and wheels also partly comes loose, but that gives me the opertunity to line up the wheels. I've found the setting for this truck. It's on the move, so the guys working with it have stored all their high tech costly equipment and stocked up for the next meal. (The tiny windows wil not show much of the interiour anyway.)


April 30 2023


After sanding all the walls and the floor a little touching up and a wash gives a good idea of what the space is to put things in it.


April 29 2023


It's been stored for at least 20 years. I was to build it for the late Jos Stok. I now know why I shelved it, let alone that I did not find the spirit to finish it. Lack of information, on how the radioroom would have looked, or even the outside fittings. A challenging fit on this nice old resin kit from ADV-Azimut. It needs a strip wooden floor. And while working on that the old cyanacrylate glue gives and the whole radioroom is loose again. Well, ok, that I can make it fit as it should have been. The old resin parts are not straight anymore anyway. Quitte the gaps to fil, but with a little preassure it wil fit. Luckily these modern glues are much stronger.



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