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35th scale Dovunque 35




1935 6x4 Italian "Go everywhere"

Original: Italy has a long history of truck production. SPA has been incorporated in the "Fiat" family long time ago but was the "special products" division that got the task of constructing a "go everywhere" vehicle that went by the Italian name for that. The 1935 version is the first production variant. Under German management there where some 300 produced. What was produced from 1935 to 1941 I could not find. Only a handfull survived to the present day. The enclosed radio version of Andre Becker being the most unique, and an armoured replica the boltest.

Model: The make of this 35th scale resin with white metal Dovunque 35 that also has PE parts I didn't find. It's a very good kit for it's production years (ca 1990-2000) and with a litttle elbow grease can be turned into a very nice model.

Build: November 14 to December 27 2020. reasembled kit, keeping the nice colour tone and details from a 1990-2000 build. Found in the former Jos Stok collection.





Build history

December 26 2020


It took a lot of persistance to find info on the chassis of this magnificent beast. Windscreen, mirrors, steps, and a lot of other lost parts added. Axles inverted to the correct place, driveline and exhaust added. Just some touching up of the damage and the added parts to do.


December 12 2020


So cab and cargo bay are off. The axles, springs and winch are aligned as they should. New cable on the winch, with an end-eye added, but that cable is touching the axle. That can't be right.


November 14 2020


I got my hands on a couple of vehicles that where part of the famous "Jos Stok" collection November 11. Most had some loose parts but where complete. The Dovenque sadly lost a couple of items, and had some other issues, as the first repair session proved. When I put the wheels on the axles again the winch cable stood out as too crude. The wheels where easily put in place again. A decent solid construction methode of the model maker. Not so solid was the alignment of the axles and springs. The wheels are not alligned, and the windshield that's with it, is not the one that should be with it.



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