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Demob 1976




Demob 1976

Original:Best known is the 4x4 Opel Blitz for it's multi purpose role, often with an office box. Radio was the biggest part, but machinery was also common. The Austrian Bundeswehr actually used some Opel Blitz uptil 1975. Pictures of a 4x2 being de-mobed in 1975 exist. Besides that I wanted a 4x4 with a box, it turned out to be a good testcase to try all kinds of paint methodes. The info on the box came from a surviving box that had been used in a machinery - office role.

Model: Italeri 4x2 Opel Blitz with Plus modell conversion kit and scratch parts.

Build:Dec 2009 - February 2015

Paint: Basecoat Tamiya with preshade and post"shade". In-lining with a black water ink. All kinds of acryl for details.






Build history

February 1 2014


Basecoat green with pre-shade all over. The interiour is darkgrey pre-shade with white all over. Overal paler green to get the bleak old effect.



July 2013


Except for some cab-details. both All-rad Blitz are getting there.



April 2010


The box is getting there. The cab is closed, and thes pictures are mostly to get a good idea of the overal fit. Building is is just a sidestep from the lowbed.



February 2010


Can't be that bad, let's get the box interiours flat and see what detail is missing. Oeps, quitte a lot actuelly.


Last update: September 12 2016