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1946 CMP's




1946 CMP's

Original: The Dutch army that went into Indonesia to "restore the peace" was equiped with English and Canadian vehicles. It was a mesy situation and they had to cope with a lot. The bulky Candian Ford's and Chevrolet's did their thing.

Model: 35th scale, 1980's Italeri modells

Build: Somewhere 1990, and the were to be on a diorama displaying he magnificent nature, being very dusty and full of the clay the had to deal with. The interiour was left alone, a little fixtures and a canvas to stay out of the sun.





Build history

September 10 2023


after some shading in the paint and some make-shift markings (If you can tel me what should have been on them please advice me) the underside is dipped into a mixture of fine reddish sand and woodglue. The space that the windshield wipers cover is masked once again. After the heavy dust some touch ups on the tyres and the look the part of the dirty work horses they were.


April 10 2023


The first layer of the warm green that the Dutch army used in those days.


April 4 2023


Reasonaly build, and painted with a brush the got checked for flaws and imperfections. A but of putty and sanding, some repairs, new mirrors and a canvas cove for the rear. Masking fluid on the windows and ready the are for spray paint.



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