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Original: The Polish governement worked feaverish to modernize the Army to be ready to withhold the oncoming clash with the German army. They developed an own tank based on the Vickers tanks from the 1930's. The 7TP tank was not bad at all. It also had a transportation brother, This C7P, used mainly to haul heavy artillery.

Model: 35th scale, 2002 Mirage plastic modell

Build: March 18 2023 - April 15 2023. On the modellnig day I find a build modell. Not realy well build, but it is one! The celebration of the Polish weekend April 15-16 2023, needed as much vehicles as posible.





Build history

April 15 2023


The paint is not completly dry when I bring it to Historama Saterday morning for the Polish weekend. The colours are spray painted, the details are painted by hand. Lots of little details painted including the decals that have mostly been wiped off.


April 9 2023


Ready for the airbrush. All decals covered, and the windows have been covered in the place where the wipers wipe the windscreen clean. It's been checked for flaws and they are dealed with.



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