Italian sdKfz.7 Licence build: Breda Tipo 61

As a spin off from the Tamiya KM11 project the Breda is a lot of work but a small step.

October 22 2022


Most of the changes are done, some fine sanding and more details to the wheel added. The drivers floor is cut out. Now I need anti-slip sheets.


August 8 2022


And the regrouping of my projects makes it ticle to do something with it. A quick browse through my files gives enough photo's to make me realise it's a major project. The front wheels are different, the sprockets are stil to be changed. The whole body has to go back to the early version KM11 that the Italian engineers got and than their adjustments. The rear doors are hinging sideways instead of out. The cut through grips where already filled in 2019. the inspection hatched behind the dash have to go, the anti-slipe plate for driver and co-driver are way to thick. The first bench is lower and wider, and there are boxes!


December 2019


The start pictures show my progress upto the start of december. The Challenge ended on March 8, without me finishing. There is quitte a lot to change a KM11 into a Breda tipo 61. Having the running gear and the front fenders set right is a start, but the body sides and bonnet, and the right steering and the rest of the dash makes it a lot of work.



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