Bilstein Büssing

Just for the holiday, just to build something "out of the box". And than there are 3 other friends in the group that are building it even in 2 scales, and it's a monstro in the number of parts.

August 4 2023


And the first 2 layers of paint give it a nice even coat of grey. Time to check for flaws. (Under the bottom there is yellow). I intended to give it a few extra layers of paint but is is so extremely detailed, the details would blend into the camo. Wel, on with the decals and painting the details.


August 3 2023


So we're back at the chassis to make these bolts.


August 1 2023


A build evening changes in a queste to find the constructional truth. If you tow a load, esspecially in the field, it should be stabelised. The tow bar is attached somewhere, but how? Bas places the sobering question. We're not finished. It has to be mechanically correct.... After a survey through all sources we not only solve the strange poles that are provided as ground anchors, but the golden picture is from my encounter with a younger version of this magnificent beast at Militracks 2023 (it has an added winch). It has not one but 2 bolts. The towbar is put between them and bolted.


July 25 2023


the 3 birds on the wire conclude a tedious step. They don't fit. I drilled the hole of this cable clamp with a .6 mm dril, cut of the rounding and glued them on the wire. The rounding is refitted later, a piece of copper wire. Ready for the next step: airbrush!


July 24 2023


July 24 and July 23 see a painstaking amount of the tiniest details. Starting with the struts, that turns out to be an enginering marvel. Itt fits so extremely exact that it functions in this scale! The clamps around alot of these boxes is a two-part nightmare in size. Best way: run a file between the poles and place them on the ball with the tine holes (no cement). Glue the into place together. The crane body falls into the little box on the workfloor. Be sure to test fit it before you put little parts on them. It's a very narrow and precise fit.


July 22 2023


All the loose gear get onto the deck on the holiday brake. How to get thest struts under the work floor without breaking all these protruding tiny parts on top? Found it: simple block og blue tac does the job. Tomorrow the struts.


October 27 2022


The struts to stabelize the truck while hoisting are the current challenge. The Bilstein body is ready for internal paint. The jib is complete.


October 1 2022


Finally! The crane is on the way. Also all the towing equipment get together. The Gaz AAA is showing how the towing gear works. One kind of wonders how many people get this beast build. An amazing detail, but many many fragile parts.


April 24 2022


All the large parts are now attached to each other. Just forgot some details in the construction. So they are yellow instead of gray....


February 10 2022


A nice shade of panzer grey makes it comming together in one tone. The outside of the cab needs sanding afdter the filling of the seam on the front rim. The inside is ready What a lot of parts!.


July 20 2021


All assembled parts sofar. Some hours on the camping site some at a special group build evening. The amount of time and details is breathtaking and tantalizing.


June 20 2021


And another camping weekend and a build evening got the better part of 5 hours building this enginering marvel. A lot of little corrections in putty and sanding little things to fit. As the cab has extruder pins in a hard to reach area, the cargo bay and the crane base got the time available.


June 12 2021


All chassis ready for the first layor of paint. many details are very fragile. I keep the bluetack under the exhaust for now. I've reconnected it 3 times now.


May 23 2021


Finnaly some progress. Fixed the steering problem, it's all turning now. Engine construction started.


October 27 2020


It has it's advantages, so many details and a construction drawing. But it are many many small parts. I cut of the pins of the universal joints that are to revolve in the front axle. Ok done for today.


August 8 2020


Finnaly a magnificent model of an awesome truck and it is to be build straight from the box.



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