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87th scale Fordson tractor




tiny Fordson tractor
Original: Fordson tractors where numerous from the 1920's on. For decades the hardly changed and eve nthe oldes ones where used very long.

Model: 87th scale vintage Jordan kit

Build: July - October 2021. Airbrushed base in pale blue. Filters in dark blue and rust in acrylic. Details and chips in acrylic





Build history


August 4 2021


Gear shift lever replaced. Starter cranck replaced. (Not in the pictures) ready for paint.



August 3 2021


Except for a few tiny parts that where too braekable in handling (They came from the sprue perfectly!). The white specs re dust from sanding the tiny mould seams.



July 29 2021


This vintage kit was for sale for 120 Belgian Francs somewhere in the 80's in Antwerp. I opend the box a 100 times to gaze at these tiny parts. I even thought I would never build it. These parts fit perfectly, a very good plastic and no PE! (Was not invented yet...) The blue tac heaps where to set these tiny front wheels in the correct position. One of the guys thought I was creating an accident with a pedestrian from the red spec, so I teased him with the last picture.



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