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87th scale 7 ton US trailer




7 ton U.S. trailer

Original: One of the heavy haulage trailers for the U.S. Army. This sturdy solid trailer was also used for by the Navy. In Overloon War museum it was teamed up with an Oskosh tractor.

Model: 87th resin kit from Kniga.

Build: September 5 2020 to April 19 2021. Bought at WSUM Waalwijk. A base coat green, with oil wash and a touch of drybrushing. Reflectors and lights added, ready for its tractor




Build history

September 28 2020


Tailgate fixed, bubles filled, a fragile highly detailed trailer almost ready.


September 6 2020


The next day the 7 ton trailer is cleaned, and the base put together.


September 5 2020


From our holiday adres we visit a (now closed) old fashioned model railroad shop. A series of heavy USA haulers stares me in the face. Vintage resin kits to me, from a company long gone. Think again! Kniga from München, is simply available!



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