6x4 Opel Blitz

A trado axle to make the 4x2 Blitz into a 6x4 artillery tractor.

March 2019


The cab is finished except for the door handles. the first verion on the Trado axle is done. Between the drawings I have nand the pictures of the real thing there are differences. I have to go there to measure things.


October 10 2018


Base paint on the cab. A pre-shade airbrushed on top, and controle pictures to check for scrathes and other problems. The Trado-axle in the kit is not looking anything like the original. I have to make my own.


October 1 2018


Base coat of grey underneath, a new axle and the original fender cut in 2.


September 30 2018


Time to fix the cab. It's the old Italeri one, so the interiour I leave original, paint on it, and closed. This cab has some damage, so a little sanding and touching up. The chassis end I sand down to the normal form, the engine beams added and presto, anouthe reasonable Blitz starts to take shape.


September 26 2018


First I need a covered cargobay. An expiriment with green stuff is in order. It's nice enough. A little ragety but ok. It gets the boxes under the floor at a little different place.


September 24 2018


It's the last late version axle that I have of the A-Blitz project. (The master I used...) So, I need a new cast. The contents of the box seem a bit simple, but ok, we'll add some details.


September 23 2018


I swiftly grab one of the stock Blitzes I have a lot of. It needs to be a later war version so I need a late front wheel, a late axle and a middle production cab. No triangle on the roof, and it seems yellow. with a piece od sprue and 2 cleaned late version wheels it takes shape.


September 9 2018


My eye falls on a picture that is showing me a fantastic version of the Blitz. It promises to be a conversion set with a Trado axle! Trado? To me a TraDo axle is a mythical thing. Ktp. van der Trappen (Dutch artillery) en Hub van Doorne (DAF founder) pioneerd a device that you fix on any standard axle and make the 4x2 standard truck into a 6x4. The base of a complete evolution, that got front wheel drive, a special winch with chassis-tailsection and tracks around the tyres for the pre-war Dutch artillery prime-movers. Why do I think this picture shows a TraDo? the small circular extension between the wheels. The cab that's on the original axle. And of all things: on a Blitz!



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