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160th scale Arnhem tram




A massive 3d tram

Original: In the national heritage museum in Arnhem they recreated the Arnhem depot and several trams drive through the nostalgic landscape. They use a train style pantograph, the original trams have a much more simple one.

Model: On a game fair in 2017 a gigantic playgroud for the battle of Arnhem sported a tram, and I startled the brave 3d printing builder /owner with the question: what do you want for your spare tram? I had no idea what I wanted with it, but I had to have it.

Build: April 2 2017 to May 15 2021. After cleaning it from debry, replacing a couple of misprinted details and a base coat I had an idea to simply paint travelers on the windows. Some projects need the time to evolve.





Build history

May 15 2021


And it's a wrap. the glasses are just a hint for the size....


June 2 2019


Last summer I did a couple of paint things to it. Stil figuring out what I want with it. The last layer (not on pictures) I put silhouettes of people on it. Turns out it's not 58th scale but ca 160th! When I started this, it got a pantograph instead of the normal tow bar. I now know that's not the right one, but I'm keeping it.


May 28 2017


A little progress. The first coat of paint.


April 10 2017


I cut of all the extending struts from the bottom and started cleaning it up a bit. Steps, a couple of missing line's and the pantograph added. The headlights are oval, so need to be a little rounded. It's so rudimentary that it has to be a sketchy paintjob. The whole thing is solid so the windows have to suggest depth.


April 2 2017


A very crude 3d printed modell, but it is an Arnhem tram! On a warcraft fair in Eindhoven somebody very brave had almost the whole perimeter of the battle for the Arnhem bridge build from his own 3d houses including this tram.



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