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Bandai 48th scale Maultier




48th scale Maultier

Original: The marriage of the proven stable 3 tonners, Opel Blitz, Ford V8 and KHD, with a copied Brencarrier gear and panzer I chain was a cheap stopgap design to conquer the Russian mud.

Model: Bandai started in 1969 with this and a few other kit's. It's more of a toy, comicly round version, but it's iconicly old.

Build: February 21 2020 to April 3 2020. In Jan's spare box is an incomplete Maultier. A marriage of parts from an other incomplete kit, some tricks with the track and a little paint change it from a deer relic to something I can safely put in my collection.





Build history

March 28 2020


I decided to give it a rough camo pattern simply applied with a brush, as would have been normak in the 1970's. It's Box friend I leave untoughed. It's roof has become round over the years. Impossible to fix without redoing it. That would wipe out Jan's hard work. the rest of the 1:48 family: the K5 I already had, and Jan's CMP Hup is a scratch project. It looks the part but is to far from reality to try change it.



March 15 2020


Lucky me, I've got friends with aladin's cave equivalent supplies of parts. A second incomplete maultier supplies almost all missing parts. The tools on the fender get clamps, the windows are covered with masking fluid.



February 21 2020


Now what to do with this incomplete antique model? I already found a spare (incomplete)track bogie, but it misses a lot of other vital parts. It's a not so wel fitting, incorrect model. The tracks don't fit the sprocket, there too stif also.



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