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Toy Centurion




48th scale Polistil 70's Centurion
The "Cavalerie Verzameling" has a tanktransporter collection in a cabine showing al thers huge machine. The load of one of them was a sand-yellow Centurion. Time for a little update.





Build history

As it's just the load for a 50th scale tank transporter, only a little detail in the paint with some markings wil do.

A quick spray paint in a few very thin layers. Metal and acryl paint can give strange effects if the paint is thick.

It's a crude model, a toy actually. A quick survey of some pictures reveal a lot of too obvious mistakes. The front fenders are way to long. The spare track link on the front deck needs to be much more to the left and there is a box on the front glacis. The turret misses a basket on the rear.


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