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Tamiya 48th scale 251/D




48th scale 251/D/1

Original: The sd.Kfz.251/D is the final shape of the 251. The /1 is the standard battlefield taxi for the German panzergrenadier. See my website for more details and facts about it.

Model: Tamiya resized it's 35th scale 251/D/1 to 48th scale.

Build: January 12 2020 to April 3 2020. In the 90's Jan van Veen switched from 35th scale to 48th scale to save space. At the rate he was building that made sense. Now that he is ending his modeling career this 251 needs a new home. It was spraypainted on the sprue, and that has it's set backs. It's missing some parts. The very nice camo makes a nice contrast to my other 48th scale 251. Time to touch up this nice 251





Build history

January 2020


A new MG shield and MG on top. Some small details added. The track nicely hanging on the wheels. All the peaking through base color of the plastic concealed. And a thin wash of oil, and it looks as it should. Now it can stand next to the Bandai /B. The Austin K5 I already had. The CMP Hup is a scratch project of Jan from a long time ago. The Maultier and Maultier-box? See the other gallery-entry.



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