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3 ton Chevy




A standard GM workhorse

Original: With an old vacu cargo bay, a "deuce" cab and wheels you can simply turn a streched chassis of a Tamiya LRDG Chevy into a 3 ton truck. The idea is simple, but it took me some time. It became a family of 3. These kind of trucks where the backbone of the huge logistics that make it possible for an army to operate.

Model: 35th scale Tamiya LRDG chevy with acab and wheels from a 2,5 ton GMC from Italeri. And an old vacuform cargobay with tarp.

Build: April 2009 - september 2013

Paint: Basecoat airbrushed with Tamiya Acryl. Details with acryl and a spray of dust.





Build history




Finally getting there to finish it with spray painted.



Build ready in al its colourfull parts and the glasparts covered with masking fluid..

May 5 2009


Most cobstructional details getting ready

April 18 2009


It's a recycled LRDG chevy. The cab of the 2,5 ton Deuce is a near perfect match.


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