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A Blitz trailer revised




35th scale Blitz trailer
Original: Trailers are an essential part of army logistics. A truck can tow twice what it can carry. They where numerous back than. Many where drafted, many where specificly build. It's not a sexy object, so not many pictures, few surviving specemins.

Model: Parts of 2 Italeri cargo bays, a chassis and fenders with 5 Tamiya sdkfz 231 wheels.

Build: December 9 2020 to July 22 2021. Back in the 80's my first scratch project was a matching trailer to my revised Italeri Opel Blitz. It's been a fatefull companion to me. If we make a display on a fair it always attracts attention. A couple of years ago someone wanted to know what I costs. It's not for sale, of course. The admiring elderly gentleman turned out to be a dedicated collector with a fast collection of well build models. So I build him a copy.





Build history

Februari 1 2021


Among several projects the trailer got spray painted and after that details painted in the mean time. The thing on the canvas is the rearlight with the licenceplate. I noticed that I had forgotten it when I was busy with the paint.
The markings are of a partial motirized division that enterd Holland in the east shortly after the invasion on May 10 1940.


December 25 2020


Blocks around the axles to bolt them to the chassis is new to. Triangle attached, nearly finished.


December 22 2020


Front wheels are attached to a rotating plate. The spare tyre is in the same place, though I doubt that was often placed thare. Under the chassis may have been more handy to drive with the trailer in narrow situations.


December 14 2020


More projects on the table as always. The Dovonque is trying to get my attention! Rear axle is fixed, the place of the springs is a bit different from my 1975 build. More logical.


December 12 2020


Quitte some sanding required, and a new place for the rear fender makes for a new rescesion in the cargo bay.


December 11 2020


Two third of both cargo bays and tarps make a sizable trailer, fit for a Blitz. Part of the blitz chassis makes a chassis for the trailer. Seen here with it's 35 year older brother. Fil all the holes and we're off.


December 9 2020


I've been hurding truck parts since forever. All wheels, all fenders, all shredded kits I find get refudge with me. Building a trailer is simply a set of 5 wheels of a sd.Kfz. 232, plus springs, chassis, fenders and 2 cargo bays of the Opel Blitz.



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