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Burned Sd.Kfz. 251 /D /6




sd.Kfz. 251 /D /6

Original: The pre-war sd.Kfz 251 pioneerd by Hanomag got an update for easier production to version /D. There were no sd.Kfz.251 on the Arnhem bridge, only sd.Kfz.250's. It's doubtfull that a /6 radio / command vehicle was stil sporting the frame antenna September 1944.

Model: 35th scale, Dragon with some extra's in radio and engine and added branches.

Build: An unfinnished project I saved from the bin, with a magnificent paintjob turnes out to be a Dragon. Some flaws corrected and a radio from bits and pieces. Foilage from mint leaves and asperages branches.





Build history

August 13 2023


Lots of little detail added to the vehicle and the radio. Ready for paint.


August 4 2023


A test in black paint to see how the whole holds up the idea of an intensly burned vehicle. The antenna is the one of the 250 again. I missed one leg, so that I copied from one of the others. The suspention, antenna, and bins being a bit croocked fits the devasteded idea.


July 31 2023


An engine compartment made out of a Tamiya 250 "greif" 2 radiator's ( a cast of 25 years ago) and some little things. Erich Reist sheds some light on the possibilities of the radio. The Tamiya 250's radio is a starting point and the new frame of some pieces of wire is filled with several bit's and pieces to mimmic a full radio cabinet.


July 9 2023


The front seats have the centre cleared and a pe-set has the bare springs to fil the gap. frames for the benches added.


July 8 2023


The last bridge vehicle is a bit of a headache. In "the Bridge too far" they used a Universal carrier running gear on a Commer walktrough van, patterend to look like an sd.Kfz. 251/D. The platoon commander perisches in the mock 251 with a frame antenna in full sight. The burned vehicles are on top of a beautifully full display of little scenes on this artistic diorama. There are a lot of shortcuts in it. A lot of things that make the epic battle on an immensely large terrain fit the compact diorama. To blend this burned 251 into it is a challenge. Parts cleaned and checked. Top armour remade, benches on the left side remade and tje right side cleared for the radio.



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