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Horch Kfz17 radio car




35th scale Vacu formed radio body

Original: In the "einheitsfahrgestell" program this is the middle one. Based on the early production with 2 free rotating spare wheels. The body is made from wood, for the radio function. The big difference that they stand out by: a full scale 1 piece front windshield.

Model: a 35th scale vacu kit of Airpress / Franz Schmidt on an Italeri Horch kfz15. The vintage vacu-kit is not acurate in scale, it protruded 4 mm beyond the "einheitsfahrgestell". All detailes are scratch, incl the radio mast and reels.

Build: September 2019 it got damadged in the transportation box. It lost all mirrors, hooks, doorhandles etc. All remade and the paintwork repaired. Final pictures in October. Somewhere 1990-2000 this was one of my first conversions. Hardly anything know in details and when it was ready after the a struggle to get the dimension right, the number of wooden slats was nog the correct number.





Build history

29 September

All hooks, levers, turnindicators, handel and the mirror replaced. Now the paintwork has to be retouched. Part of the liceneplate decals have been lost.


It took me a lot then to get it fitted. All details hand made, the roof shows the markt of it being sliced twice to get the body to fit.


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