Japanese Kommandeurwagen toy to be updated.

In 1930 Daimler-Benz introduced the biggest Mercedes-Benz ever. The 770 or "Grosser Mercedes" (Big Mercedes). This type W07 was build uptil 1938 in an astonishing number of 117. King's, head's of state and even the pope bought one. It was replaced in 1938 by Type W150 (1938-1943 92 pieces). Fujimi of Japan released a model ca 1975 with a motor and rubber wheels. Hilariously putting SS-plates on it says a lot about the knowledge and sentiments of those days in Japan. It's so far away from acurate as you can get, but it's a magnificent car. I'm just going to make the best of it, using as much as possible the original parts.

December 4 2017


Some of the wheels are usable. They're cleaned up. One of the sideboard steps is missing > an aluminium one is made. The rear axle and wheels are positioned. The front suspention is so crude, that I wonder if it's going to look the part. Most sinkhole and the spare wheel wells where tackeld in the '80-s but have to be improved. Even the radiator has sinkholes. It stil looks like nothing.


November 20 2017


Somewhere in the 1980's I found the last 32th / 35th scale car kit modell that I didn't have, the very wrong Fujimi Kommandeurwagen. It had been soacked in glue, was incomplete, but I was happy with it. In the years after I found a prestinely build one that a trader did not know what it was, and a mint, unbuild, boxed one, for a reasonable price. As you can see from the build one, it's hardly more than a toy. I cut the body of the vandalised one to be a cabrio and cast my own wheels to replace the redicules broad ones. There it stopped at knowledge of the seats and upholstery and ptrobably on guts. As I need a simple project to build on the build evenings of the modelling club, I choose this project from the large stack, because it can't be build to perfection, I must keep it simple. It's way too far of to even think of getting it upto today's standards. I'm just going to finish it "ok". I would have to sculpt Germany's 1930 President, Hindenburg into it otherwise. ;-)



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