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A tiny 251




100th scale SdKfz 251/A

Original: The iconic Sd.Kfz.251 was first put in action in the 1939 Poland campaign. Shortly after the /B version with only one vision port on each side appeared. It marks the start of the Blitzkrieg doctrine with it's panzergrenadiers in close proximity of the panzers.

Model: This 100th scale Zvesda modell is meant to be a snap fit. It has nice details but it's open top also reveales the big "snap" blocks. It's an /A though the box says /B.

Build: December 11 2018 to May 9 2020. After the 100th scale Opel Blitz I already had, this would serve as a little friend to it. The project got stuck on the painting, but it explodes as I tried "my milk teeth" on a 3d printer and found an army of nice 1:100th scale models.





Build history

May 9 2020


In the tsunami of nice files that got printed on the 3d printer, it finally got the paint it deserved. It's a tiny modell, so all closeup pictures are confronting. It got a lot of brothers in 1:100 scale though. But that's a different story.


December 14 2019


It's complete, the inside is painted, now it has to be airbrushed on the outside and detailed.


October 17 2019


The first paint from the airbrush makes a big difference. From a funny colourful explosion it somehow makes sense in a few seconds..


August 19 2019


A couple of additions in details and the "check" pictures. Usually very confronting to see your details this big. Notice the superglue stains on the doors.


March 24 2019


Adding details after sanding away the exces putty. vision blocks a dash, the separator flench between the body halfs, the doorhinges, chairs and a steering wheel.


January 20 2019


Filling al the holes and the sinking in the bonnet with Tamiya putty, and polystyreen blocks underneath.


December 11 2018


As with the Opel Blitz, it's very wel detailed. The tracks are carved in to make the links stand out. Looking into it's open interiour the bench and the connecting blocks in the doors stand out as too crude. A dremel wil do the job of carving them out



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