1,5 ton MB leichtes lösch Gerät

Firetrucks are among my favorites. To be able to build something without taking the whole of my workshop with me, I finnaly gave in and promised myself this was going to be a build "straight from the box".

November 11 2019


Disaster strikes. I usually spray a mat Tamiya and than a clear coat to get the shine. The grean did not get very even, so another coat, and when cleaning a little piece of dust the paint showed me that I didn't clean my model enough.


November 2 2019


So, all set to get a nice deep bronze green gloss coat of paint.


October 17 2019


Getting the fenders to shine gloss black was a mayor problem. I noticed the front of the bumper had spots. so I had to respray, but ended up spraying al black again. Now the paint has to be completly dry to do the top.


August 24 2019


She's ready for paint here. Tyres are off for that. In fact the fenders are gloss black by now. On to the mayor color.


August 19 2019


Than I felt there was something missing. The mercedes star is very tiny in this scale. You are not able to breath for a while. They wil fly!


August 18 2019


It's nose didn't fit super, so I had an alternative route through the parts. It came out nice but has a gap at the bottom where the cap meets the chassis. Filled with a little strip of plasic it's gone.


July 22 2019


It's summer, and it went with me on holiday. The masking of the windows is on, it's closed, but has some little things. ICM seems to have a construction methode that makes them seperate the roof where the rounding is most visible.


December 9 2018


Earlier in autum I put the amazing chassis and the interiour together. Besides a dumb mistake where you have to fit the drive shaft through a hole where it never can't go through and cleaning up the spare, no mishaps. The interiour I choose is varnished wood. There is not much visible looking through the windows, so I kept it simple.



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