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1,5 ton Blitz box




ICM's 35th scale 1.5 ton Blitz

Original: The initial release of the new Opel Blitz program in 1937 brought the German army the 3 tonner's as a transportation backbone. It's 1,5 ton smaller brother was intended to be the ride of the carpenter, butcher and other local crafts men around town. With the ever growing need for transportation all kind of solutions evolved. Extending the cargo bay boards up and putting a roof on it, much needed box capacity was created.

Model: The 35th ICM modell is a joy to build. Massive details and possibillities to make all kind of scenes. Some skilles are neccesary for handling all these delicate parts.

Build: July 19 2019 to June 29 2020. With almost twenty 3 tonner Blitz (Type 3,6-36S) in al variants on my shelfs ranging from maultier to 4x4 (All-rad, Typ 3,6-6700A) the crisp model of the 1.5 ton Type 2,5-32 was luring me for a long time. To be able to build something without taking the whole of my workshop with me, I finnaly gave in and promised myself this was going to be a build "straight from the box".





Build history

June 24 2020


The crosses are on, I choose to not block the small window on the box above the cab. It's dark enough in the box for the medics to work in allready.... The pure white of the circles I cover with a glaze of yellowish grey to blend into the camo a little and the angles around the hinges I cut out and paint by hand. A little toughing up and done! It happyly joins rank with an English, American an post war ambulance. Just for size I posses next to a 3 ton brother. My first Blitz from ca 1975-1980. Maybe I need to touch up that too.


January 16 2020


On october 24 I start with the decals and other fine painting stuff. I usually paint all things myself, so i had 2nd thoughts on the huge red cross transfers. As I spraypainted the ones on the Austin K2Y, I wanted this faster, so lets do it. To my horror something is wrong with these decals. After removing the ruble I want to give up on them. I don't need them, there where box 1,5 tonner without red crosses! But after a couple of weeks I contact ICM and they sent a new sheet!


October 17 2019


The undershade is stil visable in the pictures in the yellow only, but it got marginal when I put some green lines on it. I wil put some brown on it to, but the big red crosses too. Fortunately they come from a decal sheet.


September 22 2019


In real sunlight it awaits the next step: basecoat. All little details are added. Somehow I lost the Zepelin hood ornament. The hinges on the backdoor are added and I constructed a basket from the struts of the tarp. It needed the filling in that empty space. The indicators on the fenders I replaced with wire.


September 15 2019


With some extra sheet of plastic tappered with sandpaper, the seams filled and (at the doors) newly made the cab is straight. The windows are covered to be able to spray paint it. Just for size, The 3 ton box on the All-rad puts it into perspective.


August 14 2019


Ok, holiday's are over and we did other things besides building. The first real issue with this kit has emerged. The roof has a seam that's absolutely not possible and the doors are not flat against the panels there next to.


July 21 2019


At this pace it wil be ready within a week! My neighbour is also building. With that 16th scale carterpilar engine in the back it realy looks small.


July 19 2019


It's a pleasure to build. I started this on our holiday, only a few simple tools with me. There is some flash, some minor sanding. There are some extruder rings in places you can see, but only for the purists. It has an amazing detailing. Everything provokes me to get original pictures and that sort of thing to go and check weather it's correct. But no, I'm not going to do it. The very thin parts are easy to break when handled and cut from the sprues.



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