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Stories are nice, but are they true? What is fact and what may be fiction? How certain is a story that has been told over and over again. Therefore I try to find sources. If there are no sources, a tale that's been rumoured for decades can become a fact anyway.

In 1936 the civilian licence plate "N-44946" is issued to the "N.V. Van Doorne's Aanhangwagenfabriek", Burghstraat 2, Eindhoven. (Source de auto van ons opoe)

May 13 1940 17:00- 21:00. 2nd section of 3th eskadron is ordeed to advance from Overschie to Delft. Commanding officer inspects planes after crossing the bridge into Overschie en route to Delft. Returns to Rotterdam. (Source: Book "imitatie marinier"

May 11 1940. The presence of at leas 3 M39's is rumoured to have been linked to an evacuation of top brass or royalty. The royal family moved from paleis huis ten bosch to paleis Noordeinde(the Hague) on May 10th 1940

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