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Imitatie Marinier

1939-1945 diary of (than) Reserve Luitenant Mariniers,
Dr. C de Jong.

Cornelis de Jong mentions encounters with Dutch armoured cars in quotes of the book of generaal Nierstatsz in his report on his epic days in Rotterdam, May 10 to 15 1940


page 83: quote of Nierstatsz's book, page 161 "north-east front may 13." 16:00 call on the "paws"

Page 85 and on: Report on the dramatic attack into the German occupied Overschie sector starting ca 17:00 accompanied by 2 or 3 armoured cars from the 3th eskadron. (e.g. M39's) but retreated by 21:00

page 91: quote of Nierstatsz's book, page 147 "as already mentioned on page 133, 2nd section of 3th eskadron is ordeed to advance from Overschie to Delft to scout the enemy strenght in Overschie. The bridge is closed by a dispatch rider and the section (3 cars) crosses the bridge. The section commander leaves 2 of his cars at the bridge to support the weak infantry and goes on alone in the direction of Delft. He examons a couple of abandoned aircraft near the road and goes back to report: low resistancein Overschie.

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