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May 1940

Scheveningen is the sad site of 2 or 3 M39's that are destroyed by their own crew. One more wrecked may have been lying around near the Grebbeberg.

m39-scheveningen-1940-airview - source: Leander Jobse scheveningen2022 - source: Google maps

Most noticable is the one with the turret, and all doors open. The pictures are mostly from one angle. The elevation of the gun is different. The wheels could have been captured by the Germans, there is a report that they salvaged from destroyed cars. Strangest thing is that someone decided to push the 6 ton metal box down the stairs.

m39_rf_nl-kade - source unknown m39_rf_nl-schevennigen-kade - source unknown m39_rf_WpDStvA-C5370 - source: expired eBay-auction m39_rf_boulevard - source unknown m39_rf_nl_schevennigen - source: expired eBay-auction m39_f_nl-scheveningen - source unknown m39_l_nl-scheveningen-1guy - source unknown m39_l_nl-scheveningen-detail - source unknown m39_br_nl-scheveningen - source unknown

The picture of the Documentatie centrum stelling van Amsterdam ties the location of the 2 cars together. But where is this one's turret? Salvaged? If the last 2 pictures are the same car, could it have been pushed over like the first one onto the stairs?

m39_lb_WpDStvA-C5369 - source: expired eBay-auction m39_br_nl-scheveningen-turretless-detail - source unknown m39_br_nl-scheveningen-turretless - source unknown m39_rb_nl-scheveningen-wreck - source unknown   M39_r_nl-scheveningen-wreck - source unknown m39_fr_beach-landser - source unknown

The 3th or maybe the 2nd destroyed M39 is a bit further inland (See the overlay picture), and it seems Navy personel that inspect the wreck.

m39_lb_nl-destroyed-field - source unknown

The last of these destroyed M39's is said to be at the Grebbeberg.

m39_l_wh-destroyed - source unknown

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