Period photo

Washed upon the shore

An amazing site of 5 M39's on the beach at Scheveningen, as if they where stranded tortoises. The story was always: a couple of crews drove their M39 into the sea, and the Germans salvaged them.
By the one peaking above, that is on the stairs, this picture is taken from the sea inland, at low tide!

So the story is not just a story.... Judging by the tyre's and wheels on them the where dumped intact! That also gives an explanation of the plundered M39's on the Scheveningen pictures. The unit that took these M39's that where driven into the sea, salvaged what they could from the burned ones and left the carcasses. An astonishing discovery! That sheds new light on the claimed number of salvaged M39's!


m39_u_5-times-schevenigen - source: expired Ebay auction

Source: expired Ebay auction. Rights

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