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Patrolling Holland

Herberg(Inn) "de gouden brander" is the backdrop of a remarkable group of Germans, with 2 M39's (see the horn in he extreme right.) The very tiny soldier on the left is a special site. The M39 has German markings, and an als ex-Dutch army Ford is just visable near the herberg. Eric found the location! It stil exists today: Poperingseweg 677, Ieper.

On my remark, "the man waving the Dutch flag"I got a question: "maybe it's a German pre-war flag?" (And stil: What kind of uniform is he wearing?)
If you take a Dutch and a pre-war German flag and push it back to black and white you get this:

Dutch flag b+w and color German flag b+w and color

And yes it could be a German flag. Stil, the flag holder and the guy in front of him (looking to the camera), have strange shoulder patches.


m39_b_wh-1940-herberg - source: Expired eBay auction

Source: Expired eBay auction. Rights

herberg de gouden brander 2021

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