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35th scale Franz Schmidt, Airpress

1980's kit originaly 1 plate (in 2 pieces) with a doubleside A4. It's a rare classic, difficult to build because of the limited info available in these days and the intended high level of skills. My efforts stranded in the 1990's on the lack of info and the change of material that I than cast resin wheels in. The thread on the tyres would have made an OK model, not an accurate. Franz Schmidt deduced from the drawings that the wheel wel of front and back wheels were cut into the hull. But no, on the real vehicle the're not. Plcing of the headlights and the smaller rounder vent on the right rear side reveal he had the original drawings as a base. Both features where changed in the production version.
Still a desirable kit, because of the thin sheets that are more or less the real thickness in 1:35th scale. Mine is halfway build, and probable wil not go further, although an all open door modell would be a dream come true.

35th scale DAF M39 Vacu Kit

35th scale DAF M39 Vacu Kit 35th scale DAF M39 Vacu Kit 35th scale DAF M39 Vacu Kit

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